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The world of SARMS took the fitness industry by storm since the potential of selective androgen modulator receptors was noted to be just as effective as some of their androgen Ancestors (Testosterone) without some of the unwanted side effects like having to pay £4,000 to fly to turkey and have a hair transplant because elevated levels of free flowing DHT has binded to the floccule receptors and now your a little thin on top!!

While SR9009 technically isn’t a SARM it’s still sold and branded under this category as the legal loop whole of “Research chemical” allows it to be sold to willing consumers!! SR9009 or Stenabolic as it’s also referred to amongst the scientific literature as a REV-ERB agonist and is said to have notable performance enhancement benefits due to their effects on modulating the circadian rhythm.

In a study carried out in 2016 Geldfof et al stated that SR9009 had demonstrated in-vitro studies to alters the expression of genes involved in lipid and glucose metabolism and, therefore, plays an important role in maintaining the energy homeostasis. The study goes on to conclude that in all cases the consumption of SR9009 was shown to increase oxygen consumption, decrease lipogenesis, cholesterol and bile acid synthesis in the liver, increased mitochondrial content, glucose and fatty acid oxidation in the skeletal muscle and decreased lipid storage in the white adipose tissue.

To put it bluntly SR9009 is WADA’s worst nightmare & every athletes/Lifter dream and that has led to the scientific community rapidly scrambling to develop tests which are able to detect metabolites within the body long after consumption as it is widely anticipated that many competitors looking to gain a physical advantage will inherently end up taking SR9009. The fact that the research concluded by stating the research chemical may offer future treatment for many metabolic conditions is somewhat of an insight into its potential to spill over into the fitness industry as the many compounds which came before!

The Bit you Need to Know!!!!!

SR9009 was developed as a Rev-erb-α agonsitm this is key to understand as Rev-erb-α has also been proven to be a physiological regulator of muscle mitochondrial content and oxidative function. Although that might sound a little bit sciency for anyone interest in performance it MATTERS coz mitochondrial and oxidative function are Key components of the physiological components which come to define someones ability to perform at an optimal level.

SR9009 has shown to invoke Mitochondrial biogenesis which is kind of a big deal since it is the process by which cells increase mitochondrial mass and we all know (or should do) that mitochondrial cells are considered to be the powerhouses cells of the body as they act like a digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy-rich molecules for the cell.

Mitochondrial biogenesis a major adaptation of skeletal muscle to exercise training and is induced by a complex interplay between numerous signaling pathways that respond to metabolic, mechanical, and hypoxic stresses that are generated within the myocyte during contraction.

And incase you just missed that i’ll kinda repeat that again,

SR9009 has been shown to induce Mitochondrial biogenesis, Mitochondrial biogenesis is a “MAJOR” adaptation of skeletal muscle to exercise training!! This is what led much of the media to describe SR9009 as “EXERCISE IN A BOTTLE” as it has been scientifically proven to endue physiological responses in the body which are often only attributed to significant physical exercise! Increased Mitochondrial & oxidative function also leads to a few other little benefits like…Fat loss through several different mechanisms as the increase in lipid oxidation & increased capacity to exercise both trigger a reduction in FAT!


Unlike its Sibling cardarine SR9009 has a shorter half-life which means you will have to split the doses up if you want it to be constantly present. The half-life of SR9009 is only roughly 4 to 5 hours. The half-life is extremely short, and you will have to dose multiple times per day to reap the compounds’ benefits. The dosage amongst the literature ranges between 10mg-30mg but always seems to space this out over 3 separate doses to ensure the half-life is taking into consideration!

Example day – Dosage 20mg.

07:00 AM. The first dosage of 5mg.
12:00 (Noon). Second dosage of 5mg
5.00 PM. Third dosage of 5mg
10.00 PM. Fourth and last dosage of 5mg

Where can you Buy Stenabolic?

As we previously stated Stenabolic is currently classified as a research chemical which offers a loop whole to purchase….Providing it is not for human consumption

There are currently numerous online retailers which stock the “research chemical” our best bet is to try and find the most reputable legitimate source!! 

Predator nutrition are probably the most widely known company who stock SARMS and other SARM like molecules like SR9009 & GW501516 click the link below to see their SARM section!! 

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