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Plyo Box Rack
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Plyo Box Rack



Jump into some serious training with the Plyo Box Rack! Constructed from Locally Sourced heavy-duty 50mm Steel box section and with 9 easily adjustable heights ranging up to 1300mm it is the perfect choice for those looking to utilize plyometric training to increase the Rate of Force Development and Maximal Power Output!

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Plyo Box

The Plyo Box Rack is our latest innovation for athletes who regular participate in plyometric training. The Plyo Box is a 1.3m wall mounted rack which comes equipped with an easily adjustable shelf so that you can easily vary the jump height during training. The plyo rack is manufactured at our HQ in Manchester from locally sourced 50mmx50mmx3mm steel box section before the wholes are then laser cut out at our HQ using a CNC Machine.

The plyo rack is for serious athletes who are looking to develop explosive power through the adaptation of the stretch shortening cycle which are associated with plyometric and explosive training. The traditional wooden plyo box is very limiting in the amount of different heights it is able to enable during training. This is what led us to design the plyo rack to ensure that athletes of all ages and sizes could utilise the many benefits which are proven through participating in explosive plyometric training.

The Plyo Box Rack adjustable footplate that is welded to heavy-duty j-cups so that it can be quickly changed to suit the athletes jumping height requirements. Constructed from a heavy gauge 50mm box section and standing at just over 1300mm in height and 800mm wide the plyometric Box Rack offers 9 different heights.

Why Use Plyometric Training?

There are many benefits to incorporating plyometric exercises into your training plan as we’ve already discussed it is one of the most efficient ways to develop an athlete’s Rate of Force Development as well as the amount of power they are able to generate. However, Plyometric training also has a very specific benefit to a specific set of athletes who participate in sports which are categorized by weight. Whether it is a powerlifting competition or professional combat sports there are many athletes who must meet a specific weight when looking to compete in their given field. The inclusion of weight restrictions, therefore, offer several challenges with respect to the amount of power those athletes are able to generate as the amount of mass is often limited which has a down regulatory effect on the amount of force that can be generated as well as the strength capacity of the athlete. Hence in such sports, a great emphasis can be placed on utilizing the stretch-shortening cycle and increasing the acceleration and speed to account for mass and strength-related limitations placed on the athletic potential. To cut a long and complex story short, Athletes like Canelo Álvarez and Connor Mcgregor are renowned in their fields for their ability to generate knockout power which is usually only seen with heavyweights where the sheer mass of opponents results in more power in the punch! However, despite holding far less mass combat sports specialists like Canelo and Mcgregor are able to utilize acceleration, speed, and biomechanics to generate devasting knockout power!

You can read our full article on Plyometric Training here!


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