Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Chin Up bar which also has a built in cable cross over machine
Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar Cable Crossover Station
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Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar Cable Crossover Station


Our Signature cable cross over pull up station is a real head turner! It’s safe to say seeing as though we own all design rights to the pull up cross over station that you wont find it anywhere else! The heavy duty pull up and cross over combines some of our most iconic and best selling products to give the customer some real bang for their buck! With the ability to perform traditional chin up and body weight exercises together with all different types of cable pulley machine exercises you wont have any excuse to skip another session! 

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Introducing the First-Ever Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar which comes fully equipped with a Cable Crossover Machine! The pull-up bar is just over 1M in length and has a load capacity of 250KG. Manufactured from a 50mmx25mm rectangular box section it is the perfect choice for both home gym and commercial settings. The cable cross-over consists of 2x90mm commercial grade pulleys which are fitted with bearings and rotate 360 degrees to ensure that you can hit every angle needed on those contractions!! The system also comes with nylon 11 7×19 coated cable to 5mm which is the exact specification used by gyms across the UK. Also, the Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar Cable Crossover Station comes with two heavy-duty loading pins and two stirrup handles so that you are able to have a fully functioning system right out of the box. All parts are powder-coated to ensure a long-lasting yet sleek finish on the system. The two supports are coated in fine black and the pull up bar and pulley brackets are coated in burnt orange.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 55 × 50 cm



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