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Facility Design for Fitness Centres and Gyms

Custom Design Service for the fitness industry

Our in house Design and Engineering team can help breathe life into the vision you have for a new fitness space. From CrossFit to commercial we can support your gym at every step in the process from concept to creation ensuring that each and every aspect of the strength training centre is exactly how you envisioned it would be!  

We also offer custom product design services for those who have an idea for a machine they think will take their gym to the next level or simply want to kit a space out with as many rigs and racks and possible so their gym members can get those most from their training we can assist in both the development and manufacturing of the gym equipment needed.

The Process

custom gym equipment

We also offer our commercial partners the chance to customise any of our existing products to fit your gyms needs. This could be something as simple as the colour of an item or even the dimensions so that it fits in the space you have on the gym floor. Whatever it is you had in mind our design and engineering team are happy to work alongside and ensure you get the best gym products for the space you have keeping the customers happy and inspired to train harder! 

AR View for Gym Equipment

Free 1-Hour Consultation for Fitness Facility Design

if your looking to open a custom fitness centre or independent gym then we offer a free one hour consultation where you can speak to one of our in house CAD/CAM designers and even submit any existing DXF sketches you may have so that they can be turned into 3d modells for you to see if you wish to have us build your dream gym! You can also see the products first hand before they are made using our AR technology service which can put the equipment in front of your very eyes at scale so you can be sure to be happy with each and every aspect before we begin to manufacture your new gym! 

you can use the tab below to oepn up the products in our AR view which was created by our R&D team to ensure that our commercial clients are able to fully see the designs before purchasing to ensure they are happy with the custom prodcuts and most essentially that they are fit. The AR models are created to scale so that you can simply open up your camera in your new fitness space press one button and bring your vision to life!! 

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