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Peptides - The Secret Sauce for Many Top Bodybuilders

When it comes to professional Bodybuilding not many of the top pro’s want to give away their anabolic current favourite stack to get big and lean which leave many questions unanswered. The fact is however 99% of all bodybuilders are running peptides to aid muscle development alongside their anabolic cycles! This is due to the fact that one of the first peptides every created was insulin. Hence the question do bodybuilders really take peptides is officially obsolete! Many “Gym Bro’s” would say why use peptides when you can buy anavar? However that is the equivalent of asking why use HGH when you can buy testosterone! Together the compounds have a synergistic effect in cases of synergy 1+1=3 due to the compounding effect the drugs have when working together. More anabolic pathways are opened which utilise different mechanism of actions yet still yield similar effect in regards to the muscular size and strength! Peptides within bodybuilding have been the best kept secret for decades which have largely been fuelled by flawed gym bro logic! 

The Science of Bodybuilding

Weather you appreciate it or not bodybuilding is actually the pinnacle of sports science as it continually looks to push the body to more extreme limits! Hence there is a very sweet science to bodybuilding which doesn’t just contemplate when you swap anavar for winstrol on a AAS cycle. There is in fact much more from the macro training and nutrition routines which are also blended with the micro contest prep stages which look to restrict calorie intake and increase the amount of androgens your taking to try and hold onto as much muscle as possible! We are going to take a look through the peep  whole into bodybuilders everyday lives and give you the honest truth about what is really going on in the bodybuilding and fitness industry! Through our in depth articles you can dive deep into everything you could possibly need to know about bodybuilding. From the history of Mr. Olympia to what Dorian yates like with his toast in a morning you can find everything you need to know right here! 


Make sure you no the best SARM stacks to use and where to buy your anavar from online in the UK by reading our in depth articles on all things anabolic! 

Training methods for strength and conditioning

Read about the best drugs for weight loss used within bodybuilding and the fitness industry. 

Read about the prestigious history of Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Competition reflecting on every winner of the worlds most coveted bodybuilding title since it started in 1965. 

We Surveyed 3459 people from the bodybuilding community to see who they thought was the best bodybuilder of all time.

nutritional strategies to encourage weight loss

Nutritional Strategies

Make sure that your diet is on point and that you are applying the best types of diets for your specific goals. There are lots of different nutritional strategies and each have their own role to play especially within bodybuilding! 

The Latest in Strength Training

The Benefits of Plyometric Training

Everything you need to know about the use of plyometrics to significantly increase power without increasing weight!

Resisted sprint training

Resisted sled sprint training has been proven to improve sprint performance during the acceleration phase whilst also increasing maximum velocity.

Free Training and Nutrition eBooks

if your looking for more in depth information on the methods used within the bodybuilding and fitness community then you can download any of our ebooks for free from the link below! 

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Are you looking to Build Strength?

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