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Sparta 60 Series

The Sparta 60 Series was exclusively designed for our commercial customers. The Sparta 60 series is the best commercial gym equipment range within the UK offering both structural rigidity whilst also maintaining a very aesthetically pleasing look which is crucial within commercial gym and strength training facilities. From Commercial Gym Rigs to Modular Weight Storage systems The Sparta Series is perfect for CrossFit, strongman, and commercial gyms. 

Bespoke Gym and Product Design

Due to popularity of our products we have had the luxury of working with some of the leading commercial brands to design, manufacture and install bespoke products from boxing to strongman our commercial gym service is fast becoming the best in the UK. After utilising our free CAD/CAM design engineers here are a few of the products already completed within the UK. 

Corner Wearable Boxing Studio

After Corner Wearables reached out to ask if we could manufacture bespoke heavy bag stands for their new launch in Manchester we was thrilled to work with them from concept to creation to produce something truly special.

Achieve Fitness - Get Fighting Fit

Bespoke Car Deadlift Frame for Gorilla Fitness

From Dumbbells to Kettlebells and Bumper Plates We have the best weight storage solutions offering both commercial and home gym options.

Strength Equipment for those Who take Strength Training Serious and want to gain that competitive advantage! 

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Custom Built Cable Pulley System

Have specific requirements? then why not build your own cable system! with our fully customisable builder online builder you can choose everything from the length of cable, pulleys, loading pins, attachments and much more and it will be dispatched the same day if ordered before 1pm. 

Loading Pins

Commercial Grade

We use commercial Grade Nylon 11 Cable in all of our Cable systems. Nylon 11 is the exact specification used within gyms around the world. The Nylon Coating is designed to be continuously run over sheaves and pulleys, making it the perfect option for all things fitness.

Efficient Workout

Our ever expanding range is always designed with efficiency in mind. Hence our products are designed to ensure you get the best from your workouts and within the space you have.

Cost Effective

We Truly believe that health is wealth and that Exercise should not be a commodity only available to the upper echelon of today's society. This belief has led us to design innovative and unique products that brings the best possible value to all of our customers and to partner with clearpay.

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